The Noisiest Place on Earth … Between Your Ears

The modern work environment is a symphony of interruption and distraction. But it’s not the real productivity saboteur.  The true villain resides inside our head.   It’s that little voice constantly reminding us of all that needs doing – the “Oh, ya!” and the “Can’t forget that.” and the “That too; gotta get that done!”

It’s a fact.  The noisiest place on earth is between our ears.  Yet it’s the place that must be quietest for us to focus because focus drives productivity.  The more focused we get, the better work we do and the more of it we get done.

The problem is that the outside world is constantly demanding our attention.  Consequently, it seems impossible – even counter-productive – to pursue quieting strategies.  In essence we’ve become dependent (addicted?) to the frenzy, the activity, the urgency of the frenetic world.