October 22, 2011


Interview with Paul H. Burton

About QuietSpacing® and Paul H. Burton

Every day more and more distractions chip away at your ability to get things done.

Whether it’s the constant flow of information coming across your desk or the endless stream of cell phones ringing, emails pinging, or coworkers/clients hailing, your day is riddled with distractions.

Add to this all of your “internal noise,” that never-ending chatter occurring in your head about which fire you should put out next or how many balls you have in the air.

It’s overwhelming. It’s exhausting.

QuietSpacing® solves this problem by giving you back control over your day.

QuietSpacing® Allows Focus and Productivity to Flourish

This is not simply another system to help you organize your daily tasks. QuietSpacing® is a customizable time management system that is specifically tailored for busy professionals who need to stay responsive and effective throughout the day.

The methodology creates an environment of zen-like focus, cutting a clear path through all the noise and distractions and moving you steadily towards your goals.

You stay productive even in the midst of the daily chaos that surrounds you.

By implementing these proven techniques:

  • You will find it easy to minimize disruptions and stay focused.
  • You will be able to instantly re-prioritize tasks without breaking stride.
  • You will maintain peak performance and begin to feel more successful.

Success Is a Feeling, Not a Result

When you begin to get more done each day, you begin to feel more successful. You enjoy a greater sense of satisfaction and a reduced level of stress. You have more time to do this things you choose to do.

Imagine going home every day knowing that everything is under control.

A Little Added Quiet Produces Big Returns

The numbers speak for themselves. If we increase our productivity by just six minutes per day

+ 6 minutes/day

that increase adds up to 24 hours

+24 hours/year

of additional productivity per year, or three days of work

+ 3 days of work

off our desk per year.

Imagine how much benefit you and your organization would receive if you had three more days of work off your desk right now? QuietSpacing® produces that result – guaranteed.

Who Needs QuietSpacing®

While almost anyone can benefit from QuietSpacing®’s groundbreaking methodology, our experience indicates the following list of busy professionals gain the most from these teachings:

  • C-Suite or top-level executives
  • Managing partners and other leaders in professional services firms
  • Entrepreneurs who have moved beyond the start-up phase
  • Individuals and organizations who are reaching for higher levels of success

For these people, increasing focus and productivity goes way beyond the workplace. They need a set of principles that puts them in command of their day. This is exactly what QuietSpacing® delivers.

QuietSpacing® Case Studies

Finally, An Updated Time Management System
My day is filled with a constant stream of e-mails, tasks, and project management responsibilities. I have spent over 50 hours studying books, articles, systems, blogs (and everything else under the sun) trying to master the complex art of e-mail and task management. I always felt that there must be an easier way to utilize Outlook, but each new system I tried left me initially excited but subsequently disappointed when I realized that the approaches were missing a key ingredient and didn’t align with the nature of my work…

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Trapped in the Window Seat

Sean Murray

Earlier this month, while catching a flight home to Seattle from New York City after a long week on the road meeting with clients, I made it to my seat, sat down and breathed a huge sigh of relief. For a moment, it was bliss. I knew in a few hours I would be home to see my family. But then the slow, creeping realization set in that my e-mail in-box was overloaded with hundreds of e-mails I was unable to get to while on the road. Furthermore, I had five voicemails on my cell phone and probably more waiting for me on my office voicemail, which I had not yet checked that day. Although I was working hard all week, the work flowing through my in-box did not stop…

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QuietSpacing® in Action

Christopher S. Tuttle

The other day I a received a very rewarding email. Chris Tuttle – friend, former client, and intellectual property attorney at Alleman Hall McCoy Russell & Tuttle – lobbed a completely unsolicited QuietSpacing® case study over the fence. I asked him if I could post it here to demonstrate how people actually use QuietSpacing® in their hectic day-to-day lives. He agreed! So, after confirming that the images displayed don’t disclose any sensitive information, here is what Chris had to say.

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About Paul H. Burton, Developer QuietSpacing®

Paul is a nationally recognized authority on addressing the productivity challenges facing today’s busy executives and professionals. He created the QuietSpacing® methodology to help these people reclaim control over their time and command over their responsibilities.

In 1999, Paul co-founded Outdoorplay, Inc. (www.outdoorplay.com) which has grown to become the largest online kayaking retailer in the country. While grooming a management team to run the company, Paul became acutely aware of the many challenges faced by today’s busy professionals. In response, he founded Vision Mechanix where he developed the QuietSpacing® system.

Today, Paul travels the country giving high-content keynote addresses focused on delivering best practices suggestions to audiences, delivering interactive QuietSpacing® training programs, and working one-on-one with clients in a customized coaching program to help them achieve greater success.

He is the author of QuietSpacing® – Productivity Has Evolved – First Edition, QuietSpacing®Productivity Has Evolved – Second Edition, and The Waterfall Effect: Six Principles for Productive Leadership, as well as countless articles on time management and productivity which have been published locally, regionally and nationally.

Paul’s career began as a corporate finance attorney in Portland, Oregon. He also served as General Counsel to two Portland-based corporations, including GemStone Systems, Inc. where he went on to manage the operations for the company’s rapidly growing Professional Services department.

As a successful entrepreneur, executive and former corporate attorney, Paul is well-qualified to work with executives and professionals and has an intimate understanding of the unique challenges they face. He is passionate about his work and has found his own brand of success as a thought-leader and trail-blazer in the field of productivity and time management.

What Paul’s Clients Are Saying

Thank you for taking a moment to see what people are saying about QuietSpacing® and the related keynote presentations that I do. Yes, testimonial pages are very self-serving, but here’s my proposition to you: I will provide you contact information for the last three presentations I’ve done, regardless of whether those people appear below or not. My commitment to planners and audiences alike is to give my very best presentation every time I go on stage. Consequently, I am confident that my last three clients will echo the sentiments expressed below.

    • Our members loved Paul’s keynote presentation, as well as his high-energy delivery. Angie Peterman, Executive Director, Oregon Association of School Business Officials
    • I couldn’t wait to get to work this morning to implement your time management tips. Honestly, I have accomplished more this morning than I have in a very long time! So a big thank you! (And I pretty sure my employer will thank you as well!) Karen Schneider, Director of Sales and Marketing, The Steamboat Grand
    • These programs are a must for every business professional and staff member! Kelli Kohout, Chief Administrative Officer, Davis Wright Tremaine
    • I just have to tell you that you are one of the most dynamic and effective presentors I’ve ever heard. Your message is concise and humerous but most of all, packed with great information, one powerful insight after another. Michele J. Fiasca, CEO, Adult Placement Network
    • QuietSpacing® has revolutionized the way I view information and tasks. What I have come to realize is; how leaders deal with electronic requests is integral to the competencies of delegation, feedback, performance management, execution, networking; really every aspect of leadership. Sean Murray, Founder & CEO, RealTime Performance
    • Everyone left Paul’s presentation with several ideas on how they could regain command of their day! We’ll definitely be looking for ways to bring Paul and his QuietSpacing® programming back to Hunton & Williams. Kim Perret, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Hunton & Williams, LLP
    • Paul’s presentation received high praise from the audience. We’ve invited him back for next year’s annual conference. Tanna Moore, President & CEO, Meritas
    • Paul presented at our 2010 AHRMA Annual Conference, which is the second time he has spoken to our group. Paul’s presentation style and content were a big hit. 100% of the attendees that this presentation met their expectations and more. We definitely recommend Paul and hope he will speak at yet another AHRMA conference! Wendy Chance, CTS, President Elect, Austin Human Resources Management Association
    • There is nothing better than having a speaker who gives you not only one “Ah Ha” moment but several. Our members responded enthusiastically to both Paul’s message and his style. We’ll be inviting Paul back again soon! Cathy Weeg, Programs Director, Metropolitan Seniors Network
    • Paul’s materials and presentation were highly informative and professional. We’ve engaged Paul to continue working with a number of our people as we feel they will gain a lot from the individual coaching. Milt Stewart, Partner In Charge Of Business Development, Davis Wright Tremaine

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