QuickTip: Focusing Your Message Requires Focusing Your Mind

I just practiced a lesson I’ve taught many times in the past with very positive results.  It is the lesson on the value of focus.  You see, I was asked to develop a book proposal on QuietSpacing(tm) for a very well-known publishing company.  In addition to being flattered they even asked, I was excited that[…]

QuickTip: Sequestering – It's Not Just For Juries!

Want to know the best way to eliminate the interruptions that bombard you each day?  Simple:  Remove yourself from that environment.  It’s what I call sequestering. Sequestering is what happens to juries when they aren’t physically present in the courtroom listening to the evidence during a trial.  They are secreted away and not allowed to[…]

QuickTip: Use "Reply To" When Someone Else Is Handling Details

Just enjoying a lovely fall afternoon stuck in the office porting data from my recently-failed laptop (backlight went black two days ago) to my new Toshiba netbook.  I’m excited to see where this technology is right now and I didn’t want to drop real money on a high-end laptop until Windows 7 is out (and[…]

QuickTip: Productive Business Development

Always carry an old school business card. It allows you to ask others for theirs!  More importantly, you now have all their pertinent contact information in the palm of your hand and they have yours.  Make sure to note three things on the card you receive: The date you received it. The place you received it.[…]

QuickTip: Create A Designated Work Area

I had planned to post an article on another subject today, but was coaching a client this morning and we ended up focusing on QuietSpacing(tm)’s Designated Work Area recommendation.  It’s such a simple but vital component to regaining command of our working environments that I decided to forgo the original topic for today and focus on[…]

QuickTip: Take Mini-Breaks All Day Long

Tim Ferriss, of The Four-Hour Work Week fame, proposed the idea of mini-retirements – saving your money and taking blocks of time off (measured in months) throughout life to enjoy being alive.  It’s really a terrific concept and it works especially well for single people without kids.  The rest of us need something a little more manageable[…]