Make 2018 More Productive With This HBR Strategy

Harvard Business Review published a terrific article in October titled, “In a Distracted World, Solitude Is a Competitive Advantage.” The authors referenced numerous sources, from Yoda (Star Wars) to Erick Schmidt (Google) to David Rock (Your Brain at Work), to propose that working in a quiet mental and physical space maximizes the quality and the[…]

The Gulf Between Intention & Action

We generally greet the new year with a sense of hope. It’s an internal time of renewal while everything around us sleeps. This hope is ephemeral, lasting only a month or so, but it is filled with the best of intentions.

Unfortunately, the Gulf of Life separates our intentions from our actions to fulfill them. The day-to-day demands of living clutter our minds and delay our starts. So, too, does the difficultly of change weigh heavy upon moving from intention to action.