September 5, 2010

Client Testimonials

Thank you for taking a moment to see what people are saying about QuietSpacing(R) and the related keynote presentations that I do. Yes, testimonial pages are very self-serving, but here’s my proposition to you: I will provide you contact information for the last three presentations I’ve done, regardless of whether those people appear below or not. My commitment to planners and audiences alike is to give my very best presentation every time I go on stage. Consequently, I am confident that my last three clients will echo the sentiments expressed below.

• Paul keynoted our Summer Conference.  Our members loved his presentation, as well as his high-energy delivery.  Keeping people focused and engaged right after lunch is a challenge … one Paul passed with flying colors.  Angie Peterman, Executive Director, Oregon Association of School Business Officials

• I wanted to thank you again for the great tips you gave us on Friday during The Destination Colorado event.  I couldn’t wait to get to work this morning to implement two of your tips – turning off new emails and clearing a work space.  And honestly, I have accomplished more this morning with the “one thing at a time” and clear work desk than I have in a very long time! So a big thank you! (And I pretty sure my employer will thank you as well!) Karen Schneider, Director of Sales and Marketing, The Steamboat Grand

• These programs are a must for every business professional and staff member! Kelli Kohout, West Coast Region Administrator, Dorsey Whitney

• I just have to tell you that you are one of the most dynamic and effective presentors I’ve ever heard. Your message is concise and humerous but most of all, packed with great information, one powerful insight after another. Your message spoke to me and I look forward to reading your book, studying the video and applying your training to my life. I am blessed with the desire to do much for the good of the world but cursed with a mind that is easily distracted. I was so thankful for your simple but profound insights on strategies to focus. Thank you again for the profound contribution you are and the difference you make. Michele J. Fiasca, CEO, Adult Placement Network

• QuietSpacing® has revolutionized the way I view information and tasks.  The personal transformation I have gone through over the past few weeks has allowed me to look at the field of leadership development from a slightly different perspective. For example, how can we expect leaders to have the prescense of mind and the clarity of focus required to truly coach and develop their direct reports if they are completely overwhelmed by electronic information and requests? In the past, the answer to this question was to send executives to “time mangement” training along with their soft skills training, but unfortunately, so much of what passes for time management training today is right out of the 1980s. We don’t need help with our file-o-fax, we need help with our in-box. Outlook has incredibly usefull features for information management, but most of us are unaware or simply do not know how they work. The irony is, we think we’re too busy to take the time to learn and actually change our habits. What I have come to realize is; how leaders deal with electronic requests is integral to the competencies of delegation, feedback, performance management, execution, networking; really every aspect of leadership.  Sean Murray, Founder & CEO, RealTime Performance

• We had Paul deliver his Focus Pocus presentation at our Senior Management Retreat this year.  His content was very informative and Paul’s delivery style was highly engaging.  Everyone left the room with several ideas on how they could regain command of their day!  We’ll definitely be looking for ways to bring Paul and his QuietSpacing(R) programming back to Hunton & Williams.  Kim Perret, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Hunton & Williams, LLP

• Paul’s presentation received high praise from the audience. We’ve invited him back for next year’s annual conference. Tanna Moore, President & CEO, Meritas

• Paul presented at our 2010 AHRMA Annual Conference, which is the second time he has spoken to our group.  This year he presented “Focus Pocus-The Magic of Getting 24 Hours back in Your Life” Paul’s presentation style and content were a big hit based on the positive evaluation forms we received back from attendees.  100% of the attendees at Paul’s session said that this presentation met their expectations and more. Other comments included: “Excellent, concise, valuable, informative, loaded with tips to make you more efficient, invite Paul back again.”  We definitely recommend Paul and hope he will speak at yet another AHRMA conference!  Wendy Chance, CTS, President Elect, Austin Human Resources Management Association

• We had Paul speak to our membership bright and early one morning. There is nothing better than having a speaker who gives you not only one “Ah Ha” moment but several. His topic was fully engaging and our members responded enthusiastically to both his message and his style. We’ll be inviting Paul back again soon! Cathy Weeg, Programs Director, Metropolitan Seniors Network

• Wow, that was fun to write [an unsolicited QuietSpacing® case study].  Apparently QuietSpacing is working so well for me that I have time to burn on writing you long-winded emails. Chris Tuttle, Partner, Alleman Hall McCoy Russell & Tuttle LLP

• Paul is a professional who is also a successful entrepreneur with an effective communication style.  Lewis Horowitz, President, Lane Powell

• Paul’s materials and presentation were highly informative and professional. We’ve engaged Paul to continue working with a number of our people as we feel they will gain a lot from the individual coaching. Milt Stewart, Partner In Charge Of Business Development, Davis Wright Tremaine

• Paul worked closely with us to create a topic-specific retreat presentation. He was very flexible during the development process. His ingenuity and facilitation skills contributed to a very successful event. Ann Sherman, Managing Partner, K&L Gates

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