April 28, 2009


Do Your People Possess the Skills They Need to Succeed?

I have worked with hundreds of people to implement and customize the QuietSpacing® method into their daily working environments. Whether the coaching follows a training seminar or we start fresh, coaching clients learn dozens of ways to reduce the interruptions and distractions that litter their day and reduce their focus and productivity.   The pay back is immediate – each six-minute increase in productivity results in 24 more hours of accomplishment a year!

Because QuietSpacing® is a way of getting things done, individual coaching is more of a re-training environment than a traditional developmental environment. Thus, implementation coaching can be accomplished in a much shorter time frame than, say, leadership development.

I have crafted a highly effective coaching system that gets results fast.  It’s called the QuietSpacing® Bootcamp and there’s a program for individuals and small groups.

Individual QuietSpacing® Bootcamp

Gone are the days of multi-week and multi-month coaching engagements where time slots must be carved out for coaching over an extended period of time.  There simply isn’t time. Getting QuietSpacing® implemented is no different. That’s how the bootcamp program was developed. The process is straight forward and highly effective, resulting in a complete implementation in a fraction of the time it takes traditional coaching methods to achieve the same result.

Program Specifics: Materials Included: Program Requirements:
  • Preliminary Scoping Call. Explore Individual client’s issues and describe the coaching model. Applicable QuietSpacing® guides are mailed with instructions to read the appropriate chapters.
  • Initial One-Hour Video Conference. Develop a strategy and introduce the QuietSpacing® productivity architecture. Q&A to finish and schedule next video conference.
  • First One-Hour Implementation Video Conference. Review QuietSpacing® architecture and  implement suggestions for identified practice management challenges.
  • Second One-Hour Implementation Video Conference. Discuss what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. Customization efforts continue, along with addressing any newly identified challenges.
  • Ongoing Follow-Up Calls. Unlimited follow-up calls to review work-to-date. Ongoing customization until individual reports mastery of new practice management model.
  • Documentation. Detailed emails after each coaching session explaining the content covered during the session, along with any homework assigned for completion by the next session.
Appropriate QuietSpacing® guides. These manuals describe methodologies focused on various aspects of time/email management, including  screenshots on implementing and running every part of the methods described. These are great reference materials. To conduct a successful QuietSpacing® Individual Bootcamp, we need a commitment by the participant to the change process, which mandates an open mind and a willingness to try.

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