March 6, 2012

QuietSpacing Online Resource Library

Below are two tables of screencast videos. The first describes how to get your Outlook 2010 setup for run most effectively when using the QuietSpacing® method. The corresponding page number in the QuietSpacing® 2nd Ed. guide is also listed so you can quickly find the written step-by-step instructions that relate to the screen case.

The second table contains several screencasts that demonstrate the operative portions of the QuietSpacing® method as it’s applied to Outlook 2010.

*** Note: The QuietSpacing® QuickStart Card for Outlook 2010 accompanying your book provides another view of how to complete these setup suggestions.

Setup for Outlook 2010


2nd Ed Page

Screencast Title
33 Setting Up Outlook Today
34 Setting Up the To-Do Bar
37 Initial Inbox Setup
41 Setting Up the QuickAccess Bar
47 Setting Up the WIP_Folders for Power Users
54 Setting Up Command Central
67 Setting Up the Tasks View

Using QuietSpacing in Outlook 2010


2nd Ed Page

Screencast Title
32 Batch Processing Your E-mail
47 Getting to a Zero Inbox
45 Day’s End Renegotiations

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