August 20, 2009

E-mail Productivity

QuietSpacing® Seminar Sample

Power Processing Your E-mail – One Hour Seminar


Get to and stay at a zero Inbox everyday while effectively tracking everything that needs to get done.

Target Audience

This seminar is best suited for people processing more than 100 e-mails per day.


Leverage QuietSpacing® to quickly process your e-mail. You’ll discover a simple framework into which you can categorize all the e-mail you receive. You’ll then learn how to use the built-in tools offered in Microsoft Outlook to stay on top of everything that requires your focus throughout the day.

Employing the QuietSpacing® method on your e-mail is the most efficient way to get you Inbox to zero messages – and keep it that way! You’ll discover practical tips for organizing your messages so you never lose an important message, forget an assignment, overlook a deadline, or waste time searching for something you sent. QuietSpacing® allows you to command your e-mail … instead of being enslaved by it.

Specific Learning Points

In 60 short minutes, you will learn:

  • Six QuickTips to better use your e-mail as a communication tool.
  • Five categories into which all e-mail can be triaged.
  • Three built-in tools in Microsoft Outlook you can leverage to manage all your e-mail.
  • The single most effective process for reviewing and managing all that is on your plate.

Delivery Options – Programs Offered Onsite, Online and Hard-Copy

QuietSpacing® seminars can be delivered through various channels. Choose the delivery option that best suits your needs and budget.

  • Onsite. The most effective way to learn QuietSpacing® will always be live and in-person. Onsite seminar delivery maximizes the amount of interaction among students, as well as with the instructor. Onsite delivery also enables the QuietSpacing® team to engage with your people immediately after the seminar, in their personal workspaces. Participants will be able to immediately apply the concepts delivered in the seminar to their working environment.
  • Webinar. Modern internet technology allows us to offer people in multiple locations remote training.  You pick the time, send out the registration invitations, and the media-rich training comes right to the attendee’s computer screen.  Saves time, saves money, and delivers timely education without missing a beat.
  • QuietSpacing® Guides & DVDs. Not everyone can attend a specified training date.  That’s why we offer the QuietSpacing® programming in written form – the Guide – and video form – the DVD.  This allows students to learn at the their own pace at times most convenient for them.  Check out our Books & DVD page for more information on this option.

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