April 28, 2009

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Why Hire Me – Paul H. Burton?

Unedited Keynote Sample

Planning a meeting is hard work. To help you decide if I am right for your event, please consider that:

  • Making the most of the time we have is my expertise.
  • Providing ways for others to make the most of their time and lead successful and satisfying careers and lives is my primary objective.
  • Delivering provocative and unforgettable content is how I guide audiences toward this goal.
  • Understanding that you are my connection to the audience and that I am but one item on your very long list is why I make this part of the event execution easy for you.

If you hire us, we will do the following:

  • Communicate with you regularly before, during and after the event.
  • Provide you any materials you require.
  • Educate myself on your audience and your event prior to and during my time with you.
  • Give your audience my very best presentation.
  • Show up early to prepare for my presentation and stay after to talk with your audience.
  • Do everything I can to make you successful.

If I am what you are looking to hire, please contact me at 971.223.3663 or info@quietspacing.

Speaker’s Packet

Here’s a brief list of the remaining information you will find on this page.  You may find it useful prior to or after making the decision to hire me for one of your upcoming events.

  • A 10-minute unedited clip of a showcase presentation I recently gave (above right).
  • A list of my programs with links to more information about each.
  • My media kit, including links to my one-sheet, a high res headshot and a high res full body shot.
  • An explanation of my content development philosophy.



Training Seminars

QuietSpacing® is a revolutionary productivity method that helps people regain focus, get more done, and enjoy greater work-life balance.  The method is taught in a series of one-hour training seminars so you can customize the programming to meet your needs.

Paul H. Burton

  • Power Processing Your E-mail.  Get to and stay at a zero Inbox everyday while effectively tracking everything that needs to get done. Say goodbye to the days of losing important emails in your Inbox or searching for copies of messages you’ve sent.
  • Effective Scheduling & Productive Meetings. Are you running from one meeting to the next with little time to get things done? Regaining control of your schedule and increasing the value of the meetings you conduct and attend puts you back in charge of your workload.
  • Powering Through Task Lists. Tired of constantly pushing tasks off into the future? Exhausted just from looking at your multi-page to-do list?  Leverage a new organizational system to stay on top of your task list and keep your projects moving forward … in spite of the unwelcome interruptions and distractions you suffer throughout the day.
  • Maximizing Productivity in the Workplace. How you arrange your space and interact with others impacts your productivity and defines your success. A better working environment increases your productivity and makes you feel more successful

Media Kit

Paul’s E-brochure & Bio (One-Sheet)

High Res Headshot

High Res Full Body

Development/Delivery Philosophy

Productivity may not strike you as an attention-grabbing topic. But the way I develop training programs and keynote presentations ensures that your audience will be engaged, excited and motivated to act – regardless of which QuietSpacing® seminar or keynote you choose. Here is my three-part philosophy to developing programs:

1. Create Compelling Content.

Nothing keeps people interested more than interesting content. Even the most mundane subject can be made compelling if the creator looks for new perspectives or related (and interesting) relationships within and without the subject at hand.

2. Engage The Audience.

Humor, interactivity, movement and practiced presentation skills all contribute to keeping an audience with you along the journey. Shun lecterns and fixed microphones; literally engage with the people who have carved time out of their busy schedules to come to your presentation – especially if attendance is mandatory!

3. Be Genuine & Authentic.

Be yourself. That doesn’t mean show up unprepared. It means show up so completely prepared that you can relax and enjoy what you’re doing. People connect with individuals who are really “there.”

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