August 11, 2012

Managing Expectations – Bite-Sized eBooklet

The more the world shifts to a global economy, the more important it is that we set and manage expectations properly. This ebooklet delivers bite-sized chunks of knowledge to increase your effectiveness when establishing and managing the expectations you set with others – inside and outside of your organization. In it, you will learn:

  • Eight tips that will immediately improve your expectation management effectiveness.
  • How to greatly increase your responsiveness and efficiency when setting and managing others’ expectations.
  • Explanations from both a productivity and leadership perspective on how expectation management can be leveraged in your day-to-day efforts.
  • Numerous examples and scenarios that illustrate the points made in the booklet.

This Bite-Sized eBooklet will quickly demonstrate how you can make more effective use of your time when working with your team, your customers and the world.

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