October 14, 2013

Working on the Move – Bite-Sized eBooklet

The Internet matured the post-industrial era to the point that demands for our time and effort stream at us all day, every day. The technological torrent has washed away the physical and chronological divisions on which the industrial-era work model was based, leaving us unprotected in its path. Consequently, we feel overwhelmed. We feel a loss of command over our lives. We cry out for “work-life balance”!


  • Instead of complaining, why not be at the front of the curve?
  • Why not use our greatest strength?
  • Why not adapt?

By doing so, you can shuck the bonds of the industrial-era work model and harness the power of the technological tools at your disposal to not only return to a command position but also produce a happier and more meaningful life for yourself and your family?

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