April 12, 2010

Partners In Time

One of the great things about mixing it up in the business and professional worlds is meeting the other people and companies who are bringing terrific products and services to the same markets.  Through the years of evangelizing the QuietSpacing™ productivity method to audiences around the United States, I’ve come to know several of these organizations.   The question I’m always asking myself is, “How can we work together?”

And then one day – Shazam! – the answer came to me.  The companies I find most interesting are like me – they assist their clients make better use of time.  With that singular commonality, the name Partners In Time jumped to mind.  The very next thought was, “Why not bring these organizations together to carry the message of making better use of time to an even larger audience?” 

This, then, is the beginning of that effort.  The current Partners In Time are listed below.  Take a moment to learn a bit about each and click over to their individual web sites if you’d like to learn more.  Also, be on the lookout for collaborative marketing efforts currently in the works!


Chrometa develops automatic time tracking software that helps you capture and make sense of how you spend your time. While most time tracking products require a lot of work, such as starting and stopping a timer, Chrometa is much easier, because it passively records and categorizes your time for you as you work, with no interaction or data entry required on your part.  To learn more about Chrometa, point your browser to www.chrometa.com.


Gist helps you build stronger professional relationships by bringing together information from across the web for all your contacts and their companies giving you the right information at the right moment to get a meeting, deliver an amazing pitch, or just find a better way to make a connection. Gist does all the work for you, assembling a dynamic collection of all your contacts and their companies from your email inbox, your social networks, or even your CRM system – then automatically building and updating their profiles as new content is published by them or about them. To learn more, visit www.gist.com.


QuietSpacing™ is a simple and effective way to handle the numerous inputs you receive each day while reducing the interruptions and distractions you suffer. You will regain control over your workload, get more done, and enjoy a greater sense of professional and personal satisfaction. Learn more about QuietSpacing at www.quietspacing.com.

RealTime Performance

RealTime Performance helps leaders be more effective by assessing the skills and behaviors that contribute to successful leadership, delivering targeted suggestions and recommendations for improvement, and building individual development plans for accelerating career development.  Learn more about RealTime Performance by visiting  www.realtimeperformance.com

Don’t hesitate to contact these fine organizations to provide you further information about their products and services or about Partners In Time.  And don’t be shy about suggesting additional Partners In Time.  Simply Contact Us with a link to their web site and a brief description of how they help their clients make better use of time.