October 3, 2011


Has Your Time Management System Followed You into the 21st Century?

QuietSpacing® Seminar Sample

Times have changed. Digital technology is sending us more information in more ways more often.  The result is a constant flow of interruptions and distractions that leaves us feeling overwhelmed and unhappy.

We need a way to effectively deal with this constant flow of information… a way that allows us to stay on top of everything while still get things done…a way that is flexible and personalized to every working environment.

QuietSpacing® is that Solution

QuietSpacing® is a customizable time management system that helps busy people stay focused, get more done, and enjoy greater personal and professional satisfaction.

Paul Burton, the creator of QuietSpacing®, developed the method to help people and organizations address the “how” of getting work done in today’s frenetic working environments.  Broken down into four one-hour customizable seminars, QuietSpacing® can be taught in a highly focused manner.  The result is that you and your people will make the most of your time and enjoy higher levels of success.

QuietSpacing® is a powerful addition to everyone’s professional skills toolkit. Whether you want to be more efficient in your workload or more effective in your working environment, this methodology delivers a significant return on investment to you and your organization.

Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves

Here’s the math of productivity:

If we increase our productivity by just six minutes per day

+ 6 minutes/day

that increase adds up to 24 hours

+24 hours/year

of additional productivity per year, or three days

+ 3 days/year

more done per year.

Imagine how much benefit you and your organization would receive if you had three more days of work off your desk right now?  QuietSpacing® produces that result – guaranteed.

Course Listing

Course Title

Course Description

Power Processing Your E-mail Get to and stay at a zero Inbox everyday while effectively tracking everything that needs to get done. Say goodbye to the days of losing important emails in your Inbox or searching for copies of messages you’ve sent. Read more.
Effective Scheduling & Productive Meetings Are you running from one meeting to the next with little time to get things done? Regaining control of your schedule and increasing the value of the meetings you conduct and attend puts you back in charge of your workload. Read more.
Powering Through Task Lists Tired of constantly pushing tasks off into the future? Exhausted just from looking at your multi-page to-do list? Leverage a new organizational system to stay on top of your task list and keep your projects moving forward … in spite of the unwelcome interruptions and distractions you suffer throughout the day. Read more.
Maximizing Productivity in the Workplace How you arrange your space and interact with others impacts your productivity and defines your success. A better working environment increases your productivity and makes you feel more successful. Read more.

Each of the QuietSpacing® modules are currently available and are sixty to ninety minutes in length. These modules can be mixed and matched according to the individual needs of your group.

The Return QuietSpacing® Provides

Increased Productivity Attained Value of Using QuietSpacing™ Method Return On Increased Productivity
Timekeeper Administrative Staff Timekeeper Administrative Staff
+ 24 hrs/yr $200/hr + $4,800/yr
+ 24 hrs/yr $40/hr + $960/yr

The Investment Required by You

(Two-Hour Seminar Assumed)

Audience Seminar Cost Opportunity Cost (Lost Time) Total Cost
Timekeeper Administrative Staff Timekeeper Administrative Staff
Single Individual $198 $400 $598
$80 $ 278
$5,000* $8,000 $13,000
$1,600 $6,600

* Day rate, travel billed separately

Your Return on that Investment

(Two-Hour Seminar Assumed)

ROI Components Single Individual 20-Person Group
Timekeeper Administrative Staff Timekeeper Administrative Staff
Return $4,800 $960 $96,000 $19,200
Investment $598 $278 $13,000 $ 6,600
ROI $4,202 $682 $83,000 $12,600
As a % 702% 245% 638% 290%


QuietSpacing® Overview

Additional Benefits of the QuietSpacing® Seminars

  • Flexible delivery options. Each program is offered onsite or online.
  • QuietSpacing® programs qualify under most continuing education programs.
  • Each seminar attendee will receive a copy of the 125-page QuietSpacing® book and QuickStart card.
  • Frequent updates and QuickTips are posted on QuietSpacing.com and are available via RSS
  • Ongoing support and coaching are available

Who Should Attend QuietSpacing® Seminars

QuietSpacing® Introduction

Practically anyone can benefit from the QuietSpacing® methodology, but our experience has shown us the following list of busy professionals receive the greatest benefits from these teachings:

  • C-Suite or similar top-level executives
  • Managing partners and other leaders in professional services firms
  • Entrepreneurs who have moved beyond the start-up phase
  • Individuals and organizations who are striving to reach higher levels of success

The reason is simple: These people face the most overwhelming demands of the modern working environment. For them, increasing productivity goes way beyond the workplace, “normal” business hours and locations. It requires a new set of principles that transcend typical work-life boundaries and allow them to make the best use of the time they have.

QuietSpacing® Seminars Delivery Options

QuietSpacing® was designed with flexibility in mind. You can choose from one of three options depending on what works best for your organizational needs.

  • Onsite – By far the most effective delivery option for the QuietSpacing® method will always be live and onsite. Onsite seminars allow for maximum participation and interaction and enables the QuietSpacing® team to engage with your people immediately after the seminar, in their personal workspaces.
  • Webinar – Modern technology has opened the door for us to offer this training anywhere in the world. You pick the time, send out registration invitations and the media-rich training comes streaming right into your conference room or office.
  • QuietSpacing® Guides & DVDs – Not everyone can attend a specified training date. For these situations we offer the QuietSpacing® in both written form via the QuietSpacing® Guide and in pre-recorded video format on DVD. This allows students to learn at their own pace and when it’s convenient for them.

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