October 4, 2011

Effective Scheduling & Productive Meetings

QuietSpacing® Seminar Sample


Regain control of your schedule and run meetings more effectively by using QuietSpacing’s® simplified organizational techniques.

Target Audience:

This module was created for people who attend or conduct at least three meetings, videoconferences or teleconferences each day.


Maintaining a busy schedule and holding productive meetings can be difficult in today’s working environments of constant interruptions and distractions. This is especially true for executives and professionals who are wrestling with distributed work forces and global economies.

The QuietSpacing® method provides a simple framework to greatly increase your focus and productivity. By getting a better handle on your schedule and the meetings you attend, you will rapidly achieve a higher sense of command and control over your day and your responsibilities.

You will learn:

  • Six QuickTips for using your scheduling tools more effectively
  • Two detailed discussions on how to best leverage the tools in Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar function
  • Six ways to use mobile technology to maintain focus and productivity while on the move
  • How to manage your calendar and meetings so that you can enjoy maximum productivity and effectiveness


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