October 16, 2009

QuietSpacing® Return on Investment

QuietSpacing® Seminar Sample

QuietSpacing® is a powerful weapon to have in your productivity arsenal. Whether you want to be more efficient and effective with your workload or in your working environment, the QuietSpacing® methodology delivers significant return on the investment you and/or your organization makes.

The following are a couple of examples that demonstrate the financial benefits from QuietSpacing®. But the real value is derived from securing a greater command over your workload and from experiencing a renewed sense of success in your career. You can learn more about QuietSpacing® by checking out the Overview page and be sure to Contact Us ith any questions.

The Math of Productivity

+     6 Minutes/day of increased productivity
x     5
x   48
Work weeks/year
+   24
Hours of increased productivity/year

The Return QuietSpacing® Provides

Increased Productivity Attained Value of Using QuietSpacing™ Method Return On Increased Productivity
Timekeeper Administrative Staff Timekeeper Administrative Staff
+ 24 hrs/yr $200/hr + $4,800/yr
+ 24 hrs/yr $40/hr + $960/yr

The Investment Required
(Two-Hour Seminar Assumed)

Audience Seminar Cost Opportunity Cost (Lost Time) Total Cost
Timekeeper Administrative Staff Timekeeper Administrative Staff
Single Individual $198 $400 $598
$80 $   278
$5,000* $8,000 $13,000
$1,600 $6,600

* Day rate, travel billed separately

The Return on Investment
(Two-Hour Seminar Assumed)

ROI Components Single Individual 20-Person Group
Timekeeper Administrative Staff Timekeeper Administrative Staff
Return $4,800 $960 $96,000 $19,200
Investment $598 $278 $13,000 $ 6,600
ROI $4,202 $682 $83,000 $12,600
As a % 702% 245% 638% 290%

Additional Benefits

  • QuietSpacing® programs qualify under most continuing education programs.
  • Seminar attendees receive a copy of the 125-page published QuietSpacing® book and the QuietSpacing® QuickStart card
  • Frequent updates and QuickTips are posted on QS web site and via RSS feed
  • Ongoing support and coaching are available

Contact Us with any additional questions you have about this program or the other speaking and coaching services we offer.

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