June 18, 2014

Building a Book: Using Business Development Time Well

Length: 90 to 120 Minutes

The Convergence of Opportunity & Memory
Business development occurs at the convergence of opportunity and memory. Clients must remember us at the precise moment they require our services. Though we have little control over opportunity, we do have a lot of control over memory.

The new Building a Book seminar focuses on making productive use of our limited business development time. Combining a fast-paced lecture with hands-on exercises, the program walks attendees through

  • Crafting a value proposition unique to their background and interests
  • Identifying target audiences they can most easily and comfortably access
  • Developing strategies for communicating their unique value proposition to their target audiences

Seminar Take-Aways
Attendees leave the program with

  • A clear understanding of how business development occurs
  • A strong sense of how to leverage their existing skills and resources
  • New confidence in their ability to build a strong book of business

Simple and Effective Business Development Training

If business development is part of your plan this year,
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