February 12, 2012

Cascade: Four Foundations of Leadership Productivity for Lawyers & Legal Professionals


Length: 60 minutes

Time is your organization’s most valuable asset. How each person in the organization uses their time is vitally important to the success of the enterprise. If fact, when everyone is focused on the right objectives, communicating in the right methods, and engaging in the right activities, the organization experiences the cascading of benefit down through the enterprise and out to the client base.

This presentation sets forth four foundational principles for productive leadership and offers sixteen immediately actionable suggestions to ensure leaders are making the best use of their time, including:

  • Developing Field Vision – the ability to assimilate and respond to numerous data inputs.
  • Keeping the Glass Half Full – the impact of attitude at the leadership and managerial level.
  • Peeling Back the Onion – the value of uncovering the hidden potential in others.
  • Running the Day – constantly appraising what needs doing next.

This interactive program engages you to consider each suggestion and select those that appeal most. If you are looking to increase your leadership productivity, then this program is definitely for you.

You will learn to:

  • Identify leadership behaviors that you can apply yourself and instill in others. Leadership is about how we think and what we do.
  • Focus on behaviors that leverage everyone’s time. When everyone is properly focused and well engaged, everyone wins.
  • Engage team members to achieve more. Achievement is a foundation principle of feeling successful.

Continuing Education: This program qualifies under most continuing education programs. Please confirm with your local accrediting authorities.

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