December 20, 2014

Done…Again: Ten New Ways to Make Better Use of Your Time

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Length: 60 minutes

Making the best use of our time is everyone’s goal. Today’s frenetic work environment makes it hard to accomplish that goal.

“Done…Again” is the sequel to the wildly successful “Done: Time Management Strategies for Regaining Command of Your Day.” Living up to any success is daunting, but “Done…Again” hits the mark. This seminars offers:

  • Scientific Foundations,
  • Relevant Examples,
  • Engaging Anecdotes, and
  • Pertinent Take-aways

that help you get more done and enjoy greater personal and professional satisfaction.

You will learn how to stay responsive to clients while producing top quality work product. This program provides you immediately-actionable suggestions on achieving

  • Better Communication
  • Better Capture
  • Better Work Product
  • Better Energy
  • Better Workflow

You’ll walk away with a new toolkit for making the most of the time you have!

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