February 11, 2012

Done 2.0!: A Guide to Time Management Strategies for Commanding Your Day

Done: Time Management

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Length: 90 minutes

Audience: General

In this age of hyper-connecttedness, the world seems to spin faster and faster. No matter how fast and hard we work, we often finish each day right where we started. We feel like we’re treading water.Length: 90 minutes

Where’s the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in that?

We are faced with an endless avalanche of streaming data – emails, texts, phone calls, meetings, and even your mother’s post on Facebook – it feels like we’ll never dig ourself out.

How are we going to regain control of this situation?

Here is the answer: we’re going to re-examine how we deal with the onslaught.
This seminar delivers the tools you need to regain control of your busy day. There’s nothing magical about it. Only straight-forward, proven techniques that put you back in charge of your work and your success.

Here’s the math of productivity:

If we each increase our productivity by just six minutes per day

+ 6 minutes/day

that increase adds up to 24 hours

+24 hours/year

of additional productivity, or three days

+ 3 days/year

more done per year.

Here’s a question we can ask ourself:

How would I feel with 3 days of work off my desk right now?

Not convinced? Here are some more questions to ask:

  • What would I do with 3 additional days each year?
  • How would everyone on my team feel if we each got 3 days additional days of work done each year?
  • Where would my organization be next year if everyone got 3 days’ more work done this year?

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • The more you accomplish, the more successful you feel.
  • The more a team gets done, the more cohesive the team is.
  • The more an organization produces this year, the further ahead it is next year.

After attending this presentation, everyone will:

  • Make a direct connection between time management and success. In today’s technological world, it can be easy to forget how closely correlated personal productivity is to success.
  • Have an arsenal of two dozen tips and techniques for increasing productivity and command over work and life. These techniques have been proven effective by hundreds of clients who have followed Paul’s advice.
  • Become more motivated to achieve greater career and personal success. Once we regain control over your time, our motivation will increase exponentially. Often times, it is a sense of helplessness that holds us back. Paul blasts through that helplessness and puts everyone back in the driver’s seat.

Continuing Education: This program qualifies under most continuing education programs. Please confirm with your local accrediting authorities.

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