September 24, 2020

Mesh: Making Working at Home Work

Length: 60 minutes

Has work-life balance become work-life creep? Unplanned life changes are almost always disorganized and patchwork. With nine months of working from home under our belts, our professional and personal lives may now resemble a tangled ball of yarn.

This nuts-and-bolts workshop will help you untangle and delineate your work and home lives, and navigate a path to staying productive and focused on each task, whether professional or personal.

Participants will learn practical tips on how to:

  • Flexible Living. Create a physical workspace that easily converts between personal and professional responsibilities;
  • Variable Focus. Segment tasks and focus efforts into new, variable periods; and
  • Dynamic Interaction. Navigate the new stream of interaction among all interested parties, including family, colleagues, and clients.

This webinar helps you stay productive and maintain your sense of well-being.

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