September 24, 2020

Navigate: A Guide to Time Management for Lawyers & Legal Professionals

Length: 60 minutes

The legal world spins faster and faster. No matter how hard or long we work, we often finish the day right where we started. It feels like we’re always chasing the bus down the road!

Wouldn’t driving the bus be better?

This seminar delivers a host of best practices that allow lawyers and legal professionals to stay focused, get more done, and enjoy greater personal and professional satisfaction. The immediately actionable, straightforward suggestions made in this program put you in the driver’s seat of your work and your success.

This seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Communicating. Clear and effective communication is how we work best together.
  • Managing. Running the day is always a dynamic effort. Which puzzle pieces go where today?
  • Focusing. Staying focused on work incrementally longer produces a better work product sooner.
  • Enjoying. This work is demanding, so let’s explore some ways to enjoy it more!

Continuing education: This program qualifies under most continuing education programs. Please confirm with your local accrediting authorities.

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