May 27, 2016

Orchestrate: A Guide for Lawyers on Managing Others Productively

Length: 60 minutes

Managing cases, deals and other people are vital skills that mid-levels and staff managers must develop. This program provides the tools to get them there.

Productive managers focus the right people on the right efforts to deliver top-quality work to clients in a timely manner. Your people can achieve that result if a strong foundation is established early.

This updated version of Orchestrate provides managerial skills training in a Zoom-friendly and interactive way. It delivers a dozen tips focusing on this topics:

  • Embracing Your Role
  • Instilling Desire in Others
  • Producing Good Work Together

Those who attend this program learn how to:

  • Effectively connect and engage those with whom they work
  • Diplomatically manage up, down, and across
  • Navigate the important landscape of middle management

This 90-minute program is built on:

  • Scientific Findings
  • Relevant Examples
  • Educational Exercises
  • Engaging Anecdotes
  • Pertinent Take-aways

This program helps your productive doers mature into effective managers.

Continuing education: This program qualifies under most continuing education programs. Please confirm with your local accrediting authorities.

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