April 28, 2013

Send: Making E-mail More Effective

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Length: 60 minutes

E-mail is the boon of the modern world and the bane for most of us working in it. We love the way we can communicate with it, but we hate the way e-mails stack up in our inbox. The truth is that we couldn’t do our jobs effectively without e-mail, so we need to find ways to make better use of this amazing tool.

This seminar does exactly that – teach you a host of easily implemented ways to use e-mail more effectively and productively…again. By attending this seminar, you will learn:

  • Six tips for better email mechanics – using the functions of the tool better
  • Six tips for better messaging and communication – creating better content in email
  • Clear delineation of when email is a productive tool and when it is a time sink
  • How integrating this communication tool with others produces a better result for everyone

Effective use of e-mail makes you more productive and more focused on the things that need your attention.

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