April 28, 2013

Well Done! Making Time to do Things Right

Length: 60 minutes

Urgent! Priority! ASAP!

These are more than deadlines; they’re how we feel all day long. Consequently, our work product and our peace of mind suffer.

  • Are you under constant deadline pressure?
  • Are you in command of your workload?
  • Are you putting out your best work?

If your job is fast-paced and demanding, this seminar is for you. It mixes a pinch of science with a dose of common sense to produce a dozen suggestions to help you make more time to do things right … and enjoy doing it. This program teaches you effective strategies that turn

  • Overbooked into Well Structured and Confident
  • Overwhelmed into Organized and Prioritized
  • Overflowing into De-cluttered and Focused
  • Overstimulated into Quieted and Productive

If you want the next twelve months to be better than the last twelve, come to this seminar.

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