September 10, 2009

Six Reasons to Subscribe

Here are six great reasons to subscribe to Six Minutes to Success, the monthly QuietSpacing® newsletter:

  1. It’s Free – of cost, of obligation, and of fluff. I, too, hate newsletters that are just disguised sales pitches, so I don’t produce them. The newsletter sidebar will have links to resources on my site, but the body will be packed with 100% useful content.
  2. It’s Monthly – not weekly, hourly or every minute like so much else in our modern, always-connected world. You’ll receive one substantive, topic-specific piece of content each month that will add value to your productivity efforts.
  3. It’s Value-Packed – think low carb and high protein. I can pontificate on the subject of productivity. However, that’s not as satisfying as hard content, so each issue of Six Minutes to Success will include a list of specific action items for you to try.
  4. It’s Focused – it better be given that the subject matter is productivity!
  5. It’s Private & Exclusive – to you. This list is only used to deliver this newsletter. It won’t ever be given to anyone else for any purpose.
  6. It’s Opt-In – and opt-out.  You always control whether you want to receive Six Minutes to Success. If you get tired of hearing from me, just unsubscribe!

Need more proof?  View a recent edition:  Six Minutes to Success

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