Batch Processing: The New Black?

Last week a Stanford University study concluded what we’ve anecdotally known for a long time – we mere mortals don’t multi-task well.  (See the Stanford article here  Not to lambast Stanford for their efforts, but consider the last time you were in someone’s office trying to have a conversation while the person on the[…]

Maximizing Productivity: Building The Three-Legged Stool

The science of increasing individual productivity is derived from the art of blending together three interrelated disciplines: time management, organizational skills, and workflow processing. This article summarizes each area and provides a list of specific QuickTips that will improve your productivity immediately. Time Management I often quip that there’s no such thing as time management[…]

Productivity's Three-Legged Stool

The “science” of increasing individual productivity is really the blending of three interrelated disciplines: time management, organizational skills, and workflow processing. Possessing a basic understanding of each will greatly assist you in determining how to improve your own productivity. Here’s a short breakdown and a few related QuickTips for each category: Time Management I often[…]

QuickTip: Productive Business Development

Always carry an old school business card. It allows you to ask others for theirs!  More importantly, you now have all their pertinent contact information in the palm of your hand and they have yours.  Make sure to note three things on the card you receive: The date you received it. The place you received it.[…]

Meeting Hygiene: Conducting Productive Meetings

I’ll admit it up front: I’m not a fan of regularly scheduled group/team/status meetings. They tend to be unstructured and, as a result, not terribly productive. Don’t get me wrong, I want people to feel a part of the team and playing on the same field in the same game. I just don’t believe weekly[…]

Show Me The Money: Prioritizing Tasks

Prioritizing tasks is a never-ending struggle for most busy executives and professionals. When coaching clients on this issue, I routinely ask them to define for me their most important work objectives. That is, what is the most (and possibly second most) important objective you have in your work? Is it revenue production, maximizing process flows,[…]

What To Do With It All: Treating E-mail As Correspondence

As a productivity consultant, I routinely hear, “But I just don’t know what to do with it all.”  This, of course, is in response to the vast volume of e-mail, texts and tweets people receive. As an example of how bad it’s getting, I recently met with a social networking maven who confessed to having[…]

Setup For Power Processing Your E-mail: Video And Narrative

Processing e-mail effectively and efficiently is the greatest area of productivity improvement you can achieve today. Setting up your Microsoft Outlook e-mail client properly will quickly get you processing that never-ending stream of communication more efficiently.  The short video below walks you through the setup steps that will make your Inbox a power processing center.  Below the video panel[…]

Take Five – How A Little Break Goes A Long Way

Rushing to meetings to appointments to teleconferences and back again.  Ah, the life of a busy professional.  Whenever I work with a client who is scheduled back-to-back I am often put in mind of the disheveled teacher charging down the school hallway, papers flying asunder, racing to her next class. In fact, change that imagery only slightly and you’ll[…]