QuickTip: Saving E-mails As Files

I just read a terrific post by the Time Managmenet Ninja titled 5 Swft Tips To Help Empty Your Inbox.  Each of these simple recommendations can make managing your e-mail easier.  I added one suggestion to the post and thought it worthy of posting here too! The suggestion was to save e-mails as files outside of[…]

QuickTip: Playing in Traffic is Dangerous – Increase Focus via Workspace Arrangement

Whenever I speak to audiences about productivity, be it during a training seminar or a keynote presentation, I always, always, always recommend that they face away from passing traffic.  The urge to look up is so strong and whenever we fall prey to that urge, we lose our focus. The natural tendency to look up whenever someone passes[…]

When, exactly, is ASAP?

Our 24×7 world has a rash … a rash of ASAP. It’s highly contagious and seems to strike from the top of the organizational chart and move down. Everyone has been afflicted by this rash and most have inflicted it on others. By Any Other Name Identifying the ASAP rash is not hard. Here is a list[…]

QuickTip: Are You LIFO or FIFO?

While talking with a client last week, it occurred to me that the accounting concepts of LIFO and FIFO are a perfect way to distinguish between the way we historically processed our stuff and the way we currently process our stuff. (“Stuff” includes all the inputs that stream into our lives throughout the day.) My observation is that[…]

Productivity Rx – Ask These Four Questions to Make Your Work Easier

We need a better way! A better way to deal with all the stuff; the stuff coming at us all day long; the stuff we have to do – today, tomorrow and the days that follow. What we need is a simple, clear way to process everything that’s already in and coming into our day.[…]

Five Ways to Reduce Interruptions and Get More Done

Today’s work world is riddled with productivity saboteurs.  You know what I’m talking about.  You’re just getting some real traction on a big project that requires your full attention when someone knocks on your door.  Oh, they “just need a minute” of your time, but that minute totally derails your productivity!  In fact, it can take[…]

QuickTip: Manufacturing Time – A Two-Fer

Running from meeting to meeting and phone call to phone call is very stressful and it can be very unproductive. This is often an area I work with clients on and what follows are some ideas on how to make your day both less stressful and more productive. (Note, if you aren’t in a position[…]

QuickTip: Fixing The Pavlovian E-mail Twitch

Email has reduced us to the level of salivating dogs.  Whether we are in the office, at home, or in the line at the grocery store, we are obsessed with checking our e-mail.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you went 20 minutes without checking your e-mail or without thinking about checking your e-mail[…]

Productive Leadership: The Anatomy of Effective Decision Making

Before getting started on the substance of this post, I must give credit where credit is due. Much of the conceptual framework for this post is based on a fabulous article penned by Mary Goulet and published in Speaker magazine in April 2008. I found the content so compelling and clearly stated that I wanted to[…]