Getting the "Work" Back into Work-Life Balance – Priming America's Productivity Pump

Recently, we had occasion to hire a new part-time person at my kayaking business – Outdoorplay.  (See the footnote at the bottom for information on Outdoorplay.)  This is usually a difficult experience given that the labor pool in our small resort town is (a) limited and (b) largely populated by people who’ll abandon their posts at[…]

Work-Life Balance Requires Change

I called my Nanna today.  It’s the first time I’ve talked with her in months and the only time in years I’ve called her voluntarily.  That is, usually my Mom waits until I’m visiting her, then she dials Nanna up and hands me the phone.  Actually, today was only semi-voluntarily since my Mom left a message on my voice[…]

Activity Versus Productivity: Stanford Study Confirms What We Already Knew

Earlier this week, Stanford released a study confirming that we humans don’t multitask well – Though it has been in vogue to claim to be a great multitasker for years now, we all know, deep down, that it just isn’t possible. It never has been.  Picture the ’50s image of “father” behind his paper[…]

The Ebb & Flow of Balance

One recurring theme we all face is balancing the demands of their career with those of our personal lives. These are often juxtaposed against each other, leaving a Hobson’s choice. Because each situation is unique, it is cavalier to suggest a list of pre-packaged solutions. Instead, this article will frame an alternative conceptual paradigm and[…]