QuickTip: Are You LIFO or FIFO?

While talking with a client last week, it occurred to me that the accounting concepts of LIFO and FIFO are a perfect way to distinguish between the way we historically processed our stuff and the way we currently process our stuff. (“Stuff” includes all the inputs that stream into our lives throughout the day.) My observation is that[…]

Productivity Rx – Ask These Four Questions to Make Your Work Easier

We need a better way! A better way to deal with all the stuff; the stuff coming at us all day long; the stuff we have to do – today, tomorrow and the days that follow. What we need is a simple, clear way to process everything that’s already in and coming into our day.[…]

Five Ways to Reduce Interruptions and Get More Done

Today’s work world is riddled with productivity saboteurs.  You know what I’m talking about.  You’re just getting some real traction on a big project that requires your full attention when someone knocks on your door.  Oh, they “just need a minute” of your time, but that minute totally derails your productivity!  In fact, it can take[…]

The Singular Power Of "One" – Debunking The Myth Of Multi-Tasking

“Multi-tasking” is part of the modern-day lexicon.  In spite of scientific evidence to the contrary, people who multi-task “well” continue to be applauded as truly accomplished magicians by those of us who struggle whenever too many things compete for our attention. The Proof’s in the Pudding The reality is that no one multi-tasks well. Of course, some[…]

QuickTip: Regularly Survey All That You Command

I’m not that old.  I grew up with microwaves and color television.  When I started working full time, we had fax machines, overnight mail services and voicemail was gaining acceptance.  However, as the world began to move faster and faster via technological advances like e-mail, the Internet and smartphones, our workflow processing behaviors took a turn for the worse. The[…]

Six Tips To Higher E-mail Productivity

This is a short segment of a presentation I recently delivered on how to improve your e-mail productivity. The topics covered include: Turning off your new e-mail alerts. Batch processing your e-mail. Subject line naming conventions. One subject per e-mail. Reducing the use of Reply All. Drag & Drop functionality. I hope you find something[…]

5 Ways To Create A More Productive Workspace

Whether you work in an office, at home or on the road, it’s often difficult to get what needs doing done.  That’s because we are all bombarded by interruptions and distractions – self-imposed and from without – no matter where we try to work.  Interruptions and distractions chip away at our focus and it’s focus that best facilitates productivity[…]

QuickTip: Focusing Your Message Requires Focusing Your Mind

I just practiced a lesson I’ve taught many times in the past with very positive results.  It is the lesson on the value of focus.  You see, I was asked to develop a book proposal on QuietSpacing(tm) for a very well-known publishing company.  In addition to being flattered they even asked, I was excited that[…]