Smooth Is Fast – Drive A Ferrari To Learn Productivity

Put driving a Ferrari on a closed race track on the bucket list. Nothing keeps your attention like navigating a $250K car into a hard right turn at 120 mph! The experience gets tattooed into your memory.

What does that have to do with productivity? Watch the video snippet linked below and listen to what the driving instructor, sitting in the passenger seat, is telling me to do as we round the track.

Spoiler Alert: The basic premise is smooth is fast.

Video Graphic Guide

  • Main View = Looking Out Windshield
  • Point on Track = Red Dot in Upper Left
  • Driver Cam = Upper Right
  • Lap Time Info = Lower Left
  • Real Time Speedometer = Lower Right







What Was Learned?

  • Disregard distractions.
  • Focus is on where you’re going at all times.
  • Staying smooth requires breaking down the steps to better manage all the moving parts.
  • Constantly tweak your behavior to improve.
  • Have fun.

All these points apply to our hectic practices. How can you employ them in yours?

Final Note

When you check this off your bucket list, definitely pay the up-charge for the in-car video recording. It’s worth the money to relive the experience whenever you’d like.

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