Three Deep Breaths – Less Stress and More Focus

The modern workplace is riddled with interruptions and distractions. The demands for our time grow as the response expectations shrink. It’s stressful and exhausting.

The trick to working successfully in this environment is to change how we work. We need maintain energy and focus to address all that needs doing. Simply plowing forward with our noses to the grindstone results in less nose and no meaningful sense of success.

Take a 30-Second Micro-Break

One easy change to our habits is taking several short micro-breaks during the day to flush the stress and recharge our minds. Do the Three Deep Breaths exercise mid-morning, mid-day and mid-afternoon to help you stay energized and productive.

Three Deep Breaths Exercise

  • Put everything down.
  • Sit relaxed and close your eyes.
  • Take three deep breaths:
    • Breathe in deeply.
    • Breathe out completely.
    • Breathe in deeply.
    • Breathe out completely.
    • Breathe in deeply.
    • Breathe out completely.

Focus only on your breathing during the exercise.

Take a quick mental inventory once you finish:

  • How do you feel physically?
  • How do you feel mentally?
  • Are you calmer?
  • Do you feel rested?
  • Are you less stressed and anxious?

Take Micro-Breaks for Your Own Benefit

Breathing, that most fundamental of human behaviors, offers opportunities for controlling focus and maintaining the energy needed to power through the day. This exercise facilitates something called attentional control—mindfulness in the sense of directed effort. Making use of it several times a day can greatly improve your productivity.

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