Time Management – An Oxymoron?

Before addressing the subject of time management, I want to first acknowledge the person who inspired me to launch this blog and the resulting conceptual development for quietspacing.com – Josh de Koning. 

Josh is a law firm administrator in Austin, TX.  He attended one of my seminars at a regional conference for law firm administrators and subsequently invited me to speak to the Austin chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management.  Josh is a productivity aficionado, having studied most of the popular works in the area, including David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and Sara McGee’s “How to Take Your Life Back.”

During our many conversations, Josh repeatedly encouraged me to “go solo” with QuietSpacing(tm) and make it part of the lexicon of time management programs.   This blog and it’s related services is the result of Josh’s inspiration and for that I thank him.

Now, I want to spend a minute talking about the notion of time management.  No one can really manage time.  It ticks inexorably forward second after second.  However, you can manage what you do within the time continuum and that’s the focus of this portion of QuietSpacing(tm). 

I will constantly challenge the “old ways” of managing your time and related behaviors with the intent of offering you new ways to look at what really happens during your day and how to best maximize your opportunities.  The result, I hope, will be a more effective use of time which causes you to feel more in control of your life and allows you to experience a greater sense of success. 

Oh, and you’ll increase your productivity along the way too!

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