The Gulf Between Intention & Action

intention_actionWe generally greet the new year with a sense of hope. It’s an internal time of renewal while everything around us sleeps. This hope is ephemeral, lasting only a month or so, but it is filled with the best of intentions.

Unfortunately, the Gulf of Life separates our intentions from our actions to fulfill them. The day-to-day demands of living clutter our minds and delay our starts. So, too, does the difficultly of change weigh heavy upon moving from intention to action.

Do Incremental Acts, Enjoy Aggregated Rewards
The promise of transformative change is alluring, but the commitment is often insurmountable. That is, transformative change sounds good, but it rarely comes to fruition.

Why not seek a better bet – incremental change? Small achievements build upon each other until a greater reward is experienced. Moreover, small achievements require less deviation from the normal course. Think of them as gentle changes in direction versus sharp turns. Recall Lao Tzu’s instruction: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Menu of Small Achievements

Choose one of these small professional goals for 2017:

  • Show up to meetings on time.
  • Compliment one colleague a day on the work they’re doing.
  • Deliver materials to clients/colleagues earlier than promised.
  • Consider your career goals for five minutes each day.
  • Leave the office at a specific time each day.

Or, pick one of your own creation.

Take This Action Plan Home

It will come as no surprise that this strategy works at home, too. Double down on success by acting on one small change at work and one at home!

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