Making Email Better – Part 2

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Part 1 of Making Email Better observed that how we use email significantly contributes to its negative effects on our productivity and sense of satisfaction. Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported on a UK study that found up to 80% of email traffic is a “waste!”


Better Mechanics and Better Messaging

We established that focusing on Better Mechanics – use of the tool – and Better Messaging – the manner of communicating – makes email more effective and productive. We covered three best practices suggestions for each. You can review those here.

Here, we cover three more recommendations for each category:

  • Better Mechanics – three ways to use the email tool more productively.
    • Be Jekyll & Hyde – Can two email accounts – one for work and one for personal – let you better focus on what’s important right now?
    • Ten-Second Rule – Can this email be dealt with in ten seconds or less?
    • Buck Stops Here – Do I have a system for ensuring that all I send out gets handled?
  • Better Messaging – three ways to communicate through email more productively.
    • Deliver The Goods…First – Am I leading with the specific point I’m making in this email?
    • Be Reponsalicious – Have I responded to all questions/points in the original email?
    • Write a Screenplay – Have I clearly directed my requests to the appropriate recipients in this group email?

Be Part of the Solution

Better email mechanics and messaging reduce email traffic and improves communication effectiveness. Incorporating one or more of these recommendations makes you part of the solution!

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