Simple Stand-Up Desk Solution

StandUPJoin the revolution – be healthier and more productive.

My Personal Experience

Everyone’s heard about stand-up desks. “Get Off Your Rear!” is the true believer’s battle cry. The pitch is that sitting all day is unhealthy and unproductive, so Stand Up.

Much to my skeptical self’s surprise, I have joined their ranks. I purchased my first stand-up apparatus a year ago and haven’t looked back. To the contrary, I have pursued refinement of my standing workspace accoutrement with a vigor normally reserved for mobile technology!

What’s the Difference?

I have no explanation for why it’s so much better to stand than sit. My guess is that standing forces me to remain vigilant at a cellular level lest I fall down. The increased awareness translates to a better working environment. Plus, shifting weight and moving back and forth definitely makes the blood flow stronger.

Building an Affordable Stand-Up Workspace

The stand-up movement has spawned it’s own rather expensive micro-industry. It’s easy to blow a couple of grand on new workspace furniture. Plus, what to do with the existing setup?

Consider this solution, which blends the benefits of stand-up working with existing office furniture – all for less than $500.

  • The Desk. The VARIDESK product line sits on top of existing furniture. It’s incredibly sturdy, completely adjustable and relatively affordable – starting at $300.
  • The Mat. It took about a month before I purchased a standing mat. These are similar to kitchen mats for cooks. It made a huge difference in my daily comfort. They’re available through a number of outlets – VARIDESK, Amazon, etc. Good ones start at $50 and go up.
  • The Stool. The final piece of the puzzle is the leaning stool. Like sitting, standing all day can be fatiguing. The leaning stool provides a variable weighting alternative that spreads the energy around. Focal Upright’s Mogo is the perfect piece to complete the stand-up puzzle. At $99, it’s also affordable.

Build It and Productivity Will Come!

Standing to work may seem like a fad, but there’s no denying that those who try it routinely report better productivity. Is getting more time back in your day worth a few dollars of investment?

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