Welcome…To A New Day For Time Management

This blog and it’s related resources will both leverage and challenge what you know about time management and workflow processing.  We have been overrun by the very technology that was invented to assist us down the path towards a successful life.  Instead of being our ally, modern communications and productivity technologies have begun riddling us with interruptions and distractions to such an extent that we are actually less effective and less productive than before they were introduced. 

The QuietSpacing(tm) method was developed in response to this situation.  It was conceived from an immediate need on the part of my clients to regain control over their professional and personal worlds.  The method’s objectives are to (a) re-establish command over your environment and  (b) regain focus – the heart of good productivity, effectiveness and responsiveness.

The intial posts below comment on the three subject areas of this blog – Time Management, Workflow Processing and Work/Life Balance – and I have posted a number of articles under the Articles section of side bar to the right.  You are invited to review this content, visit this site frequently, subscribe to the RSS feeds, and follow me on Twitter @QuietSpacer.  You are also invited to attend an online or on demand QuietSpacing(tm) training program.  Finally, I would welcome an opportunity to work with you individually through my coaching program or provide your group a training seminar or keynote presentation,  so please contact me if you’re interested in those services.

Be well and live life on purpose!

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