QuickTip: Access Your NK2 (AutoComplete) File To Extend Your Marketing Efforts

The NK2 file stores all the AutoComplete information used by Outlook to “auto complete” the e-mail addresses you use.  I discovered it a few weeks ago while getting ready to launch the QuietSpacing(tm) blog.  The immediate value of the NK2 file is that it contains all the e-mail addresses of people with whom you’ve communicated – even those that aren’t in your Contacts yet!

There are a number of free utilities you can download that will allow you to access and manipulate the Nk2 file data, including saving it to spreadsheets and uploading it into other programs – like an e-mail newsletter list.  Here’s the one I used:


but a Google search on “NK2 file” will turn up a host of other sites with information and utilities about this little buried treasure!

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