QuickTip: Use Comments Window In Calendar Event

Here’s a QuietSpacing(tm) QuickTip:  Whenever you’re on a conference call or have your laptop with you in a meeting, open the Calendar event for that call/meeting on your computer and take your notes in the comment area provided.  There are several points of leverage here:

1.  You are putting all the transitory information (notes) in a place you’re likely to be able to find in the future.

2.  You can leave the event reminder in the Reminders Window (don’t Dismiss it) until you have done, moved or delegated all the tasks that resulted from that meeting.

3.  You can print and/or Save As that event as a document on your hard drive or document management system in the appropriate place.

Note, you can also drag and drop documents of all sorts into that event further aggregating things related to that event in one location.

Stay tuned for more QuickTips.

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