Workflow Processing – The Unsung Hero

Workflow is really the ignored stepchild to time management.   Whenever these words are uttered together, people’s eyes glaze over and images of technical flow charts pop into their minds’ eyes. 

The reality is that workflow processing is at the heart of both productivity and performance.  It is these systems and methods that effect the results we all try to achieve.  The question is whether we actually use a considered set of behaviors or simply react to what presents itself  to your attention at any given moment?

Flow charts and diagrams are used to describe workflow because, just as it’s name implies, work flows and the charts/diagrams track that movement.  The value in tracking these movements is the associated ability to identify and assist relative importance to every stage.  Additionally, if we know the route work will flow in advance, we’ll have a far better chance of reaching our intended destination – the completion of the effort.

QuietSpacing(tm) is a workflow methodology, in addition to a time management program and a work/life balance model.  The heart of QuietSpacing(tm) lies in its workflow schema and the suggestions for best dealing with the never-ending inputs we all receive each day.  Through the course of developing this blog and the related book and seminars, we will articulate the method we believe is best-suited for today’s modern working environment.

Join us to see where we’re all going!

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