Your Office at 34,000 Feet – Why You Should Wi-Fi While You Fly

I’m on my way to Boston to speak at a CEO breakfast.  According to the captain, we’re cruising at 34,000 feet – over six miles up.  And the most amazing part is that I’m connected to the office, friends and family via the Gogo Inflight wi-fi system now available on most airline flights. 

Like all new technologies, many people recoil from the notion of being connected while flying.  “Just another sanctuary compromised” is the opinion of these nay-sayers.  I’m confident that their ancestors scoffed at those odd looking jalopies sporting internal combustion engines some 100 years ago.  Now, before everyone rushes to the Comment section to lambast me with rebuttals to what may appear to be a technology-hugging predisposition, let me point out two things:

  • Technology is never the problem.  The problems with technology arise from its use, which is purely an individual issue.
  • I whole-heartedly advocate disconnecting and spending time away from all the craziness that modern-day technology can deliver.  Need I remind y’all that I’m an avid fly fisherman?  Rarely can even a cellular signal be found in the places I prefer to frequent!

That said, there is some new neurological science and some great common sense that supports the idea of working while in-flight